“To inspire and create movement through music.”


Why We Dance

Dancehipology wants you to move it, shake it, and get up and dance!  Visit our location at the Emporium Restaurant building, located on the corner of Jefferson Blvd. and Niles Ave.  in South Bend, IN or Call: (574) 400 – 5408 for more information or to sign up for our classes.

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About the Studio

We want to teach you to dance! Our studio has a passion for dancing and sharing it with everyone. Dancehipology is a dance studio that focuses on the art of hip hop and ballroom. We compete at competitions and battles, we perform at events and charities, and we teach all levels of dance. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable at any level and to help you achieve your dance goals. All of our teachers have years of experience in the dance world. They spend hours training and practicing to improve their knowledge and dance skills. They each know what it takes to become a great dancer and get you to the level you desire.  Learning to dance has many more benefits than just shaking your booty. It builds confidence, improves posture, and is a great way to meet people of all ages. For those of you looking to get in and stay in shape, dancing has great health benefits. The top four health benefits of dancing are: improving flexibility, strengthening muscles, increasing endurance, and creating a sense of well-being. Couples benefit from dancing together no matter how well they know each other–there is always more to learn and experience. Human beings are mysterious, fascinating creatures… and partner dancing is an ongoing, exciting way to investigate each other’s intricacies, maintain a sense of wonder, and grow together! Children benefit from dancing in lots of ways, including in improving fitness, developing balance, building confidence, working in groups, learning rhythm, and expanding their expressive skills. Our youth program will help your child develop these skills and maybe even teach you a few new moves.

Why dance?
For starters, it is a lot of fun! But fun aside, dancing has so much more to offer as well. Exercise, stress relief, self-confidence, social poise, and a creative outlet are among the many benefits  of dancing.

How long will it take?
At Dancehipology, you will quickly establish confidence with the basic steps of dancing. However, the longer you dance, the better dancer you will become. As with anything in life, practice makes perfect.

What should I wear for Ballroom?
For Ballroom we recommend something similar to what you would wear when you go out dancing.  Sneakers are not the best since they stick to the floor and limit your mobility in certain dances. But other than that, just dress in something that makes you feel comfortable!

What should I wear for Hip Hop?
For Hip Hop we recommend sweatpants or other loose-fitting athletic pants and a tank top or t-shirt. If it’s cold, wear a sweatshirt or some type of layer to make sure you get warmed up in class; this helps prevent injury. Your best bet for footwear is a sturdy pair of athletic sneakers. People wear a wide variety of them, so you don’t need to get a certain style or brand to fit in with your fellow dancers in a beginning hip hop class. Some hip hop dancers do wear very stylish sneakers, and if you’d like to do so, taking class may give you an opportunity to observe what’s especially popular. We don’t recommend dancing in thin canvas “tennis shoes” or other sneakers intended for casual wear, as they don’t have the appropriate cushioning and support to protect your feet and knees and also lack the stability features that will help keep you from twisting an ankle. And some sneakers with black soles can leave marks on the floor, so they’re not permitted at most studios and gyms.

What if I can’t make my appointment?
We request twenty-four hours notice on all appointments.

Do I need a partner?
Dancehipology offers lessons/classes for singles and couples alike. Whatever your situation, one of our well-trained professional instructors will guide you.

What is a private lesson?
All lessons are 55 minute sessions; the hours of instruction are Monday – Saturday by appointment only. Private instruction is tailored to your personal needs. Learning at your own pace is the optimum method for comprehension and that is what private instruction enforces. Up to 4 people can take a private lesson together.

Where will I use this style of dancing?
At Dancehipology we teach a style of dance that is used in many social situations. Although many students come to us initially to learn for a special occasion, for example, a wedding, cruise, bar mitzvah, Doctor’s ball, etc., they find many other times for dance in their personal lives.

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